Blue Quail Ridge Homeowners Association, Edmond OK

Pool Rules

Blue Quail Ridge Pool Rules

  1. All persons must show BQR HOA Pool Tag when entering the pool area.  Only homeowners who are current with homeowners dues are allowed to use the pool.
  2. Swim at your own risk.
  3. Blue Quail Ridge Homeowners Association, Northwest Pool Management INC, and/or lifeguards are not responsible for accidents.
  4. All persons must sign in (Name and Address) before entering the pool.
  5. The lifeguard on duty has absolute authority over the pool. Lifeguard may suspend the swimming privileges of any member.
  6. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to swim unless someone 16 or over accompanies them.
  7. No person with open wounds, bandages or any other symptom of a communicable disease will be allowed to enter the water.
  8. Children not potty-trained must wear a special swim diaper – not a regular diaper.
  9. No un-hemmed cutoffs are allowed in the water.
  10. The lifeguard must approve all floatation devices before they are used in the pool.
  11. No food or drink is allowed within 6 feet of the water. Please dispose of your trash.
  12. No glass containers are allowed within the pool fence.
  13. No swimming allowed in the event of lighting, thunder or other hazardous weather. Pool will close.
  14. Any persons of uncertain swimming ability will not be allowed to enter the deep end of the pool. This includes persons using flotation devices.
  15. No activity that endangers the safety or well-being of other individuals will be tolerated (i.e. – horseplay, running on the pool deck, pushing or throwing people into the pool, etc…). The lifeguard has absolute authority to stop such activities.
  16. A 10-minute safety break will be observed the final 10 minutes of each hour.  All persons under the age of 16 must leave the water entirely.  The lifeguard will signal the end of the safety break.
  17. Private parties may not be held during regular pool hours. Persons scheduling parties are responsible for paying the lifeguard, cleanup and disposal of all trash. All parties must end by 10 PM. The pool will be available for parties as follows:
    –  Monday  12 noon – 8 PM           –  Wednesday  8 PM – 10 PM
    –  Friday  8PM – 10 PM                 –  Saturday  10 AM – 12 Noon, and 8 PM – 10 PM
    Note:  To reserve the pool for your event, Contact (to be determined for 2015).  Approval is granted on a first come basis.
  18. Outside guests during normal operational hours are limited to three persons.
  19. The City Health Department recommends a shower w/soap and hot water prior to coming to the pool.
  20. Smoking is prohibited in the pool area, which is defined as within the pool fence.